This is currently a work in progress - for now all items will be in one or two broad categories, later we will add many subcategories to facilitate you search. For now please use the search button on the main "Shop" page.


Future categories for vintage ads will be all (and more) of the following: Transport -  Clothing & Fashion - Food & drink - Film & Movie Stars - Health & Beauty -   Home & Kitchen - Medical - Tobacco & Cigarettes.


For now, please browse the categories below or the "Miscellaneous" page if you want to see everything.


We will add these one by one. If you have a special interest in one of the above, let us know and we'll put that one on top of the list.


Magazine advertising

Please note that all our ads are taken from original vintage magazines. This means that print en paper quality may vary accordingly.


Our focus is on finding striking, interesting and/or decorative images, which means that we also include more modern ads, which typically are printed on much thinner paper.


Also, most vintage magazines have been read by at least one previous owner, leaving small blemishes on some pages.Although we take great care in selecting the best copies, some ads are only available with small defects, mostly around the edges.


We strongly advise you to have the ads framed professionally, by someone who can help you choose the right mount and frame.



Miscellaneous ads